Simon Says (More Close Up Magic of Simon Lovell - Book

Well, here we all are again, chaps and chapesses! Just when you thought it was safe to sneak back into your local magic emporium, another Lovell tome appears to shake the shelves and throw a bit of dust around! Within the pages here, you'll find some more thoughts on the performance of magic along with forty routines, bits and more. The material is split into cards and non-card stuff, with the difficulty level ranging from really, really easy to a few knuckle busters for those with a lot of free time on their hands! Everything in these pages has been (and is still being!) used in my professional work for the paying public. It all works really well for me and I hope that you'll be able to find one or two items to add to your own repertoire. Everything is here for you-the effects, the patter, the moves and all sorts of extra thoughts on each and every item. There's even a few guest items from top performers like David Acer and David Oliver! It is my sincere hope that you will enjoy another romp through the forests to howl at the moon with the Head Lemming himself !

Over 45 chapters of Lovellmania including:

Twisted Roses-Simon uses his version of the Napkin Rose to finish his close-up set-when you see his presentation you'll see why! Darren Romeo said, "That's the best rose I have ever seen," and Rocco asked, "Can you teach me that? It's the best there is!"
Granama-Using anagrams, a Torn and Restored Card plot is finally given some meaning! Here, the restoration comes as a complete
surprise to the spectator!
The Wyoming Wobble-A chosen card vanishes from between a spectator's hands and, while performing its attempt at a circus stunt, appears face up in the deck!
The Bucket Cull-Simon's own Culling technique has been highly praised by such card experts as Ken Krenzel and Jon Racherbaumer. No finger actions are required and it's totally invisible!
Waiting for God-A supreme deity gets the magician out of trouble when a trick goes completely wrong!
The Texas Chainthumb Massacre-The blood flows, it's real and it's yours! The ultimate Indigo Belt Ninja effect! Not for the faint of heart!
Lobster Watch-A mind-reading lobster? Yes, it's true and only a part of this insane properama where a spectator's watch is smashed (and restored) during a psychic crustacean's display of ESP!
Business Card Flash-Your business card prints itself instantly and visibly!
Collectors 21-Simon's handling of the Roy Walton classic. Three cards, peeked at by spectators, instantly appear between the four Aces with no visible work to see!
The Murder Mystery-A card trick that's not! A charming walk through a murder investigation where the spectator becomes the greatest detective of all time!

Hardcover, 216 pages, Beautifully Illustrated,
Full-Color Dust Jacket

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