ESSENTIALS of CLOSE-UP MAGIC (Lecture notes) by Matthew Wright

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Matthew Wright has been a professional close-up magician for 30 years. He has won countless internationally recognized awards for close-up magic and is the proprietor of his own close-up magic theater in Spain. In this 80 minute lecture notes style download, Matthew takes a deep dive into what he considers to be the essentials of close-up magic.

In the download, Matthew runs you through his every day professional working repertoire explaining how and why each effect has made the cut. He covers details such as approaching people, how to dress, how to gain confidence, how to build fun and engaging routines, how to connect with the audience as well as showing real world examples of his theories in action. Whilst no actual methods and effects are taught, the information shared in the lecture notes will be of interest to anyone looking to improve in the performance of close-up magic.

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