Wanted! Outlaw Magic - Volume 1 by Lonnie Chevrie - DVD

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When Magic is Outlawed...Only Outlaws will do magic.

Although Lonnie Chevrie may not be known to many he has developed a reputation amongst magic's elite underground as a top thinker and creator of usable, practical, and amazing magic.

Lonnie's work has been praised by many of magic's top creators and performers such as Bob Sheets, Chad Long, Bob White, Roger Klause, Eric DeCamps, and many many others.

Vol. 1 features Counterfeiter (a super visual blank piece of paper that turns to a dollar bill which can then be given out - very visual, practical, etc.), String' Em Up (Lonnie is the original creator of the torn and restored dental floss routine - here Lonnie teaches every nuance), Two Bits on the Bottle (a coin penetrates a small bottle and is visibly removed with tweezers - Lonnie is the creator of this wonderful concept put out by others), and more. This is material you can USE!

"Lonnie Chevrie is a GREAT creator and performer of magic. Over the last twenty years that I've known him, he has entertained me, fooled me, and taught me wonderful magic effects that I use in my walk-around magic, my close-up show, and on stage. Lonnie has influenced me comically, magically, and theatrically."
- Johnny Ace Palmer; World Champion Magician

"Award winning magician Lonnie Chevrie constantly amazes me with his creative brilliance. At long last, Lonnie is releasing his most cherished professional performance pieces. I can offer no higher praise than to say....if you demand the best from the best; look no further."
- Roger Klause

  • Counterfeiter
  • String'em up
  • Two bits in a bottle
  • A stab in the dark
  • Game of chance

Running Time Approximately 46min

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