T.I.T.S. by John Kennedy (Terrific Invisible Thread System)

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Got T.I.T.S.? We're talking about John Kennedy's Terrific Invisible Thread System! What makes it so terrific?... T.I.T.S. IS EXCITING!

It's not a reel. It's not a loop. It is a completely new system for stripping, carrying, and using invisible thread. Reels are convenient, but they retract the invisible thread filament continuously and don't allow you to pull your object unless you grasp the filament with your fingers.

They're also difficult and expensive to fix, and there's no back up when the thread breaks. Loops are popular because they're portable and easy to use, but they're limited in the effects they can accomplish because of the wrist hook-up and short length of the filament. And they're expensive to replace when they break.

Now there's a new alternative... T.I.T.S. IS VERSATILE! Individual filaments are the most powerful and versatile way to perform effects like the Floating Bill, Haunted Deck, Spinning Card, etc. Up until now the filament had to be manually stripped from a "bundle" - a difficult and time consuming process. Then it had to be wrapped around a tube, playing card, or other object. And finally when you were ready to use it, you had to carefully unwind the filament.

That has all changed... T.I.T.S. IS FUN TO PLAY WITH! This system automates the entire process and makes it easy and fun! You will receive the main unit (battery included) that automatically strips out and winds the filament in one smooth action.

Three spools are included to hold the filaments. These spools quickly release from the main unit and are stored inside a small case (also included). Just carry them in your pocket and deploy the filaments when you need them. The special design allows you to release the wound filament from each spool in less than 1 second! Also included is Kevlex, our super strong invisible thread.

You'll get enough for hundreds of performances. T.I.T.S. works with Kevelex or any other type of invisible thread. T.I.T.S. IS BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED. It houses an industrial micro motor with a precision brass gearbox, and has been engineered to strip out and wind the thread filaments with the proper combination of power and speed. It also has a bright LED light to help you see what you're doing! And it's portable... T.I.T.S. FITS IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND!

The unit is small enough to easily fit in the palm of your hand or carry in your pocket.


John Kennedy will teach you on online instruction video exactly how to use the Terrific Invisible Thread System.

He'll also teach some of his favorite effects:

Floating Bill: This is John's personal handling of his original effect. The Floating Bill has become a classic over the years and many different handlings have been devised, but John's handling is still one of the most visual and practical to date!

Balance & Topple: You will balance thin objects on edge, then cause them to topple like magic at your command! You can balance playing cards, credit cards, sugar packets, cell phones, etc.

Coin To Sugar Packet: Balance a sugar packet on it's edge, then hold a coin in your hand. When you open your hand the coin is gone and the sugar packet topples over. Tear it open and the coin is inside along with the sugar!

Sink & Float: Make a small object (dice, ring, coin, etc.) magically sink and float inside a bottle of water. The floating object even finds a selected card!

These are just some of the many wonderful effects you can perform with your new Terrific Invisible Thread System. Wait until you get this - you'll absolutely love it!

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