INFINITY CHANGE by Kenneth Costa

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Introducing Infinity Change - a mesmerizing and visually stunning magic effect that will elevate your performances to new heights. Watch as ordinary everyday objects undergo extraordinary transformations right before your audience's eyes.

Key Features:
  • Performable for a live audience: Capture the attention and amazement of your spectators with a magic act that is perfect for live performances.
  • Easy to make and build: Dive into the world of magic effortlessly with our user-friendly instructions, making the creation of this enchanting illusion a breeze.
  • 180° performance angle: Enjoy the flexibility of showcasing Infinity Change from any angle, ensuring your audience gets the best view of the magic unfolding.
  • No reel required: Say goodbye to complicated setups and equipment. Infinity Change lets you focus on your performance without the need for a reel.
Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to add a touch of magic to your repertoire. Download Infinity Change now and witness the wonder unfold in your hands!

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