F***ing Cards (Orange Blackout Edition) by Ame Molin

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Never Bored Again.

"I have my "F***ing Cards" by Ame Molin. There is a before and an after! #GameChanger"
- Jorge Blass

"F***ing cards are amazing! Trainers that are light, feel great to use and visually very beautiful. I always carry them with me!!"
- Inmagic (Influencer)

F***ing Cards help to improve hand strength and dexterity and you will practice anywhere.

F***ing Cardsare the perfect content creation tool. Visually eye catching, resistant to water and drops. Create new visuals everywhere.

A perfect tool to exercise your imagination and create like never before. New videos, new moves, new vibe. Different ways to play and create with your f***ing cards. Alone is addictive... together is chaos.

Made from resistant plastic. Never feel restricted when playing with F***ing Cards. No need to be worried about dropping them, bending the corners or wetting them. Play and create!

Slim 3 pack guarantees you always have your F***ing Cards with you at all times... Takes up minimum pocket space (keys, wallet and F***ing Cards... the essentials).

The especial surface texture makes separating the individual packets easier than ever... no more sticking. Design is key, integrated into the design is a circle in the center perfect for card spinning (pirouette).

Stand out everywhere, a new accessory to complement your outfit!

  • Slim 3 pack design
  • Resistant and waterproof
  • Eye catching
  • Be careful, it is addictive!
  • Limited sets available (numbered) and there is a 10% chance to get a B.l. Holder (Inverted Colors) ... will you find a set?

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