Conviction Prediction by Dr. Michael Rubinstein

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"A brilliant prediction effect, that you never see coming. Five stars."
- Marc Salem

Finally, a coin, poker chip, and mentalism effect, all rolled into one! Here's what happens:

Three different color poker chips are freely chosen by three different spectators. Four-coin envelopes are then introduced, containing coins from your collection. Each spectator freely chooses an envelope, leaving one unchosen.

Throughout the routine your spectators may choose to switch around the chips and envelopes, as they are all free choices. After opening the envelopes to show the chosen coins, you now reveal the big surprise ending: Each chip has a prediction, and as they are turned over, the image permanently imprinted on the opposite side of the chip matches exactly the chosen coin!

Best of all, Conviction Prediction packs small, plays big, everything can be examined as there are no gimmicks (just a simple, undetectable secret move), and you are totally clean!

Comes with three special poker chips, three different coins, envelopes, a plastic carrying wallet, and access to a comprehensive online video tutorial (half-dollars not included).

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