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There is one question which is raised among the magicians quite often. It concerns the usage creation of the practical tricks, the performance of which does not require specialized props and which can be performed at any time and under any circumstances. I am glad to bring to your attention CONCEPT 3. This is not just a few tricks, it is a whole concept that will allow you to create your own routines.

You give three items to one absolutely random spectator who chooses one of them and put in his pocket. Another one they give to you or put on your pocket. And the third one doesn't belong to either of you. In the end, as a result, all the nuances of spectator's choice will be predicted by you. It is a pure, 100% guaranteed effect that can be shown anywhere at any time.

There is one noticeable problem with mental magic: due to the fact that most tricks are so drawn out, it takes quite a long time from the beginning of the action to the final effect. So this is one of those tricks, which are the examples of quick mentalism. If you could actually read minds, you would be doing this trick for sure! The finalized method, all the nuances, bonus routines - it's all waiting for you in CONCEPT 3!

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