Black Platinum Lordz Playing Cards (Standard)

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This incredible deck has taken a bold new approach to the artwork for this very special version. This is the sequel to the original Lordz decks. The decks are Printed by the USPC with intricate artwork by De'vo, world class stock and finishes, and laced with special design principles for manipulation mixed with amazing details! Collectors can not miss this incredible deck! You may have seen De'vo's previous decks on a large variety of television shows to include Stan Lee's Superhumans. Most recently De'vo's Chrome Kings Deck (funded on Kickstarter) was featured on Dude Perfect with Rick Smith Jr. (has over 144+ MILLION VIEWS). De'vo's decks have also appeared in many shows used by a variety of professional magicians and card manipulators. De'vo's decks are some of the most sought after cards in the world and are in the homes of presidents and celebrities around the globe.

This brand new HOT offering from De'vo is 100% custom from the pips to the incredible detail on each and every court card. De'vo's decks handle like no other and are WORLD CLASS! The backs and faces fan patterns change depending on how they are manipulated. There is nothing else quite like this amazing deck of cards! These are PERFECT for card collectors, poker/game players, magicians and manipulators that want a beautiful and BOLD deck of playing cards! If you even remotely like playing cards, then you NEED this deck in your collection before they are gone forever! Scroll up to see all of the amazing artwork!

*Note - all deck photos are of the prototypes or 3D renderings. This new rework on Lordz has taken a bold new approach to the artwork!

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